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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the term for everyone renewable every October 1st only, or can one purchase a membership any time of the year?
The full one year membership begins every October 1st. You can join at any of the year, but it will be for the remainder of the year with cost being
pro-rated depending on the number of months to the end of the year. See the rates page for costs.

If you signed up previous to August 15th 2011, and are still a current member, you are eligible to renew at your grandfathered rate. See grandfathered rates page for costs.
However you cannot renew at any time of the year. It must be for one full year term.

I am already a GoodLife member, how do I sign up for this corporate membership?
Simply send us your payment and all information needed. Then print this cancellation form. Fill out the form, scan it,
e-mail it to to cancel your bi-weekly deductions.

Q: Can I cancel my existing membership to get the corporate membership if I have been a member for less then a year?
A: Yes, you can switch to
this corporate key account membership at any time with no penalty.

Q: Do I need to be a GoodLife member first in order to get this corporate membership?
A: No, if you are not a current member with GoodLife, you may sign up at this corporate rate.

Q: If I want to begin my corporate membership for one full year, when do I need to send payment?
A: Your payment needs to be received at least two weeks in advance of any start date.

Q: Do I have access to any GoodLife Fitness location?
A: Yes, you will have access to any of the over 290 GoodLife Fitness clubs and affiliated clubs (Nubody, Energie Cardio) nationwide.

Q: Does the corporate membership include towel service?
A: Yes, the corporate membership fee includes towel service at clubs that it is available.

Q: How do I make the payment for corporate membership?
A: You send the payment by Interac money transfer. See registration info.

Q: I'm moving only a few months into the membership, do I get reimbursed for the remaining months I can't use?
A: If you are moving within Canada there is most likely a GoodLife location near you as there is over 290 clubs nationwide. If for some reason there is not, there is no
reimbursement of remaining time.

Q: If I incur a medical reason which prevents me from using the membership, can I cancel?
Yes, however, upon receiving a request to cancel received from you, to get the refund of the remaining months in the plan, we cancel your card and
re-issue the card to a new plan member.  GoodLife charges a fee to do this.  So, in a nutshell, you can cancel, as long as we have someone signing up in that month.

Q: What do I do with the Key Account Registration form?
You will need to bring the Key Account Registration form with you the first time you are using the gym.
You will receive your membership key tag card at the same time, on your first visit to the gym from the reception desk. Also, it is necessary for liability purposes.

Q: If I'm getting a membership for myself and others in my family, will there be a separate card for everyone or we will have to share one card?
A: Each person would receive their own individual membership key tag card.

Q: If I already have a membership key tag card, and I am renewing my annual membership, do I receive a new key tag card?
A: No you continue to use the same membership key tag card.

Q: Can I pick how many months I'd like to sign up for?
A: No, you can only register for the full amount of remaining months dependant on the date.

Q: How do I send an Interac email money transfer? How does it work?
A: This link will explain everything if you have never sent an Interac email money transfer:

Here is an example from one banking institution:


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